Low FODMAP Pasta

Good Gut Pasta # 3

“Hi, I am Kerith Duncanson – a PhD qualified Dietitian – and I’m determined to help people improve their quality of life through nutrition and lifestyle. I specialise in helping IBS sufferers understand and treat their symptoms. While I didn’t set out to become an expert in this area, I have found it to be so rewarding that I now focus almost exclusively on this area of nutrition. It would be fair to say I have “landed in the poo”, but in a good way! I love helping people overcome bowel issues that impact on quality of life – it’s ironic because there are soooo many jokes you can make about burping, farting and pooing but for people with conditions like IBS it’s really not a joke and certainly something they don’t talk about. Anyhow, long story short….. one of these people who came to get advice happened to be Geoff (whose story you’ve already read). What he didn’t like was that I was asking him to eat wheat free pasta and bread, which was impossibly difficult for a pasta and bread loving man who came from a family of bakers. I understood this myself, also coming from bakery-owning, food-loving stock!

“As Geoff explained, and as shown in our video, we developed our pasta to a point where we were as happy as we could be with our home-made version and needed to see if the pasta was commercially viable to produce. After asking around various pasta manufacturers, we found that it was possible to make our pasta on a commercial scale, which was very exciting. However, we were also told that the minimum ‘run’ to produce a ‘long pasta’ like fetuccine, is 2 tonne (or more than 5,000 375 gram packets). Yikes, that means that if we don’t sell enough pasta our families would have to be eating pasta every night for 16 years to get through it. That’s where you come into the picture!”

In our next post we will explain how you can get involved in the Good Gut Pasta crowdfunding campaign, hosted by Pozible and commencing in May 2016.