Good Gut Pasta is the only low FODMAP certified pasta that is currently available to pasta-loving IBS sufferers. If you have been trying to follow a low FODMAP diet to manage IBS (1 in 7 adults), or if you bloat up when you eat too much wheat, Good GutPasta is perfect for you.

If you have been tolerating gluten free pasta (which is not always low FODMAP), then try Good Gut Pasta instead. Our pasta feels and tastes like wheat pasta (a billion times better than gluten free) but without the resulting pain and bloating.

The current batch of Good Gut™ Pasta is selling fast. It is no longer available to purchase online. Limited stocks are available to purchase at Go Vita stores in Forster and Taree (NSW, Australia) and at Fedora Pasta in Fairy Meadow (NSW, Australia).

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