Low FODMAP Bread

Guest blog – Robin’s Better Belly experience

“What?  It’s got gluten in it!” I exclaimed with dismay as I read the contents on the Good Gut Bread my better half had just brought home for me. “You’re not a coeliac so your problem isn’t gluten, it’s FODMAPs” she replied patiently.  Why not try some and see how you go?”

So, with quite a bit of nervousness, I did.  Great taste and texture, just like the normal wheat bread I used to have, and then regret having.  ‘’But it’s got gluten in it.’’ I tried one last time. ‘’Have a bit more,’’ she encouraged.  ‘’What’s the worst that can happen?’’ A bent over double in bed stomach ache, I replied silently.

But I’d started so I had nothing to lose.  I had another two pieces as a sandwich to follow the first two as toast.  And then………nothing.  No stomach ache, no bloating, no discomfort. Just a satisfied feeling all day.

It was a big, regular sized loaf but it didn’t last more than two days.  I’d finally found it, bread that my body didn’t reject.  I now understand that even gluten free bread can contain FODMAPs and that was why my symptoms never entirely went away.  Well they have now thanks to Good Gut Bread.  I won’t eat anything else.  I even take slices with me when we go out to breakfast so that I don’t have to resort to gluten free bread which for me still poses a risk.

Happy days!  Risk free toast and sandwiches are on the menu again.