Geoff Whitehouse

Dr Geoff Whitehouse, Co-Founder & Chairman

Dr Geoff Whitehouse is a specialist medical practitioner who has run his own practice in Forster NSW for the past 20 years.

He has been chairman of the Medical Advisory Committee at Forster Private Hospital for the past 12 years. He has had many years’ experience running clinical trials and has presented for multinational medical companies at Australian and international conferences for Pfizer,  Alcon and Hoya.

He has prior experience with the patent process having current patents in the US and others pending for surgical instruments.  These are in their final stages of approval. Dr Whitehouse  has a passion for creating products with superb taste, texture and high nutritional value specifically designed for people with IBS.

Dr Kerith Duncanson, Co-Founder & Chief Scientific Officer

Kerith Duncanson is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian with the Dietitians Association of Australia. Ms Duncanson is currently running her own private practice and has completed a PhD through the University of Newcastle where she is now on the academic staff.

She has been a senior Dietitian employed by Hunter New England Local Health District for 20 years, and Lecturer for the University of Newcastle for three years, during which she has supervised more than ten Dietitians and over 50 Nutrition and Dietetics students.

Dr Duncanson has prior experience with running clinical nutrition and dietetic trials and has had ten papers published in peer reviewed literature. She has a thorough knowledge of the science behind both IBS and our new low FODMAP products. Through her consultations with clients and detailed survey results collected she has a deep understanding of how life changing the benefits of the low FODMAP diet can be.

Kerith Duncanson
Ronnie Georghiou

Mr Ronnie Georghiou, Business Development Director

Ronnie Georghiou has provided commercialisation support services to Good Gut Group since Nov 2013. Following over 6 years in clinical development with big Pharma, Ronnie Georghiou joined IP Pragmatics in 2007.  During this time he has been involved with commercialising products, technologies and IP for public and private sector clients across Australia, UK, EU, Japan and New Zealand.  He holds BSc (Hons) Medical Biochemistry from the University of London and an MBA from Imperial College, London.

To date Ronnie has developed and reviewed over 40 business plans for both product and service-based opportunities spanning a range of opportunities including pharma, nutraceuticals (including pre- and probiotics), diagnostics, medical devices, defence and animal health.  In addition, he has directly raised in excess of AU$6Million (public and private funding) for client organisations, technologies and IP.  Following a successful 4 years establishing IP Pragmatics subsidiary office in Sydney, Ronnie has returned to London and continues to support the commercialisation of opportunities from Australasia into the UK, Europe and US.