Piloting our Technology

Using our technology, taste panel testing of Good Gut™ Bread with 20 IBS participants on the NSW Mid-North Coast has shown excellent acceptability in terms of taste, texture and storage. Our product was extremely well tolerated by IBS sufferers in this initial pilot trial.

Participant comments from the taste panel include:

“This bread is superior in flavour & texture to gluten free bread, toasts better than commercial varieties”

“I rate this bread very highly. I’d go out of my way to buy it”

“Really good; excellent over gluten free, as good as many normal breads”

“It was nice edible bread, which I had previously removed from my diet for the past 6 months”

“A good combination of being filling but not dense. A vast improvement in texture and flavour than GF bread. I’m surprised how much it improved my symptoms”

“Digested well, nice texture, better than GF, keeps as well as normal bread”