Our product is innovative because the technology combines known evidence based concepts, allowing a new range of grain based products that have significantly better palatability and texture than anything currently on the market. We have now launched in Australia (New Zealand Patent No. 629 207).

Our unique technology facilitates production of IBS friendly products including:

  • Real Bread
  • Al Dente Pasta
  • Perfect Pizza Bases
  • Wraps that Wrap
  • Cookies that don’t Crumble
  • Much More


Our products are ideally suited to people who have been diagnosed with IBS, and those who experience symptoms consistent with IBS, such as wind, bloating and abdominal pain after grain based food consumption.

Low FODMAP Bread

IBS sufferers now have a more suitable alternative to a gluten-free diet with the production of our low FODMAP grain products:

  • Batch scale production of functional bread shows comparable taste & texture profiles to wheat bread and are significantly superior to current gluten-free breads
  • Novel bread technology utilizes existing marketed flours as ingredients
  • Compatible with other functional bread technologies e.g. Hi-maize™ resistant starch
  • Pasta which tastes and performs like normal pasta, and doesn’t fall apart like the gluten-free options.